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"Dedicated my Life" • Zelooperz (by Julián Martinez)

Yr tasseled shirt with the sleeve torn? 

Oh, I think you’ll look fabulous at the party.

With those overalls? 

Oooh baby! 

I can’t wait to have you after, 

just us and the sun 

laying down in a big bale of hay— 

my fingers in the tear, in yr hair, 

pulling all our clothes away ‘til there’s nothing on us

but the eyes of God from space, watching

Adam and Eve’s 

Country Jambouree: U.S.A.!

Julián Martinez (he/him) is the son of Mexican and Cuban immigrants. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in HAD, Honey Literary, Maudlin House and elsewhere. His work has received The Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. As a musician and DJ, he goes by many names: DJ Guadalupe, DJ Pen Game, The Cowboy with a Heart of Gold. It’s said that he one time threw a John Prine song into a DJ set and it actually went fuckin’ hard. Find him online @martinezfjulian. 


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