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Your life has a soundtrack.
We're here to press play. 

You know how it goes. One minute you're rocking some slutty 90s R'n'B on the bus and suddenly you're not commuting to work—you're losing your virginity in the back of a Honda Civic. Maybe you're blasting an EDM banger during a run and now you're not on the treadmill—you're embarrassing yourself on drugs at a sweaty college party. You could be in a grocery aisle when they fire a yacht rock classic into the store's rotation, now you're not buying toilet paper—you're watching mom dance while she vacuums.

Major 7th Magazine is a literary mixtape founded to explore the relationship between music and memory. We love the way music makes time travellers of us. How it suspends an instant but stretches for eternity. Forget writing about the song itself—we want all the detritus you attach to it. 


We collect every obscure scrap of subconscious that surfaces when Spotify lobs that song into your playlist. Fiction, CNF, poetry, essay, comics, whatever. We're open to all forms, just so long as they're flash. 

Ready to send us your jam? Check our submission guidelines here. 

Image by mayte wisniewski
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