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Your gift is your song. And this one's for us. 

Now that we've gotten our corny bullshit out of the way, let's go. 

First and most obvious thing: none of us own these songs. Not even close. We are just here to fuck around and make a weekly mixtape. 

We repeat: we are here to make literary mixtapes, not money. 

If you're wondering what the a literary mixtape is, you're not alone. We are not kidding about the 'fuck around' part; we will find out together, as we go. But we hope it looks something like this:

Formatting Guidelines

  • 750 words max. 

  • We like whatever the fuck. Fiction, poetry, CNF, graphic art, comics—just be sure to let us know which. 

  • Title your piece only with "[Song Title] by Artist". 

  • Song titles are first-come, first-serve. To keep it fresh, we will only use song titles once. If this thing takes off, we may do remix/repeatsies special sub calls, but for now! Please search our site to make sure your song title has not already been pubbed. 

  • We really need you to read that last one. 

(Still not making any money here. We're writers! We don't know how!)

Publishing Terms

  • Mixtapes are published weekly, with daily shares on social media of individual works. 

  • M7 acquires first publication rights for 30 days after publication. 

  • We do not accept previously pubbed work. 

  • We do accept sim subs. 

  • Sub up to 3 pieces - 3 separate song titles - at one time. Go nuts, multi-sub sickos. Just make sure they're 3 different songs, and only 750 words with all 3 pieces combined (not 750 words each). 

  • Reading turnaround varies. 

  • We are unable to offer payment for your work at this time. (Sorry!) 

  • Please wait 3 months before submitting again. 

Content Guidance 

We're open to whatever you submit, but we'd love to see what you personally attach to the song. Little vignettes, memories, flash, dreams, and moments that you connect to the song itself. You don't have to explain how; the title is connection enough. Get weird with it. 

Submit Here

We're working on getting a submission platform. For now, please:

  • Submit to

  • "[Song Title] by Artist" in the subject line

  • Bio, social tags, word count, and format (fiction, poetry, etc) specified in the email body

  • Attach your piece in pdf or docx format

Song List 

You've got two ways to find if your tune has already been taken. One is to use the site's search function—we tag each post with music artist, song, and story author. 

Second is to consult the M7 master playlist on Spotify. Find it below, give it a follow and a listen! 

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