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"Title and Registration" • Death Cab for Cutie (by Aubri Kaufman)

In our before life, before the accident, before

the assisted living, we laid side by side,

smoked in the house, with windows and

chests wide open, the backs of our hands

touching, listening to the same song, the important

parts aligning, by cosmic design, or happenstance.

I remember all of it, for the first time

in years, while I ride my bike along the coast of

Maine, listening for black-backed gulls,

really thinking of Massachusetts, listening

for changes on the EKG, really thinking of that time

we slept on a park bench, listening for sirens,

before you were told you could

never come home again, before I decided

I’d never go back, either.

Aubri Kaufman is a writer and a therapist from New Jersey. She's had work in journals such as HAD, Pidgeonholes, Rejection Letters, and others. She can be found on Twitter at @aubrirose.


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