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"puppy" • glass beach (by Mark Bouchard)

no one calls me by the old sound anymore; the one that you made for me is better. the dog years slip by and i dog ear my favorite bits, like treats buried in the couch for safekeeping. these old joints rattle when i run, so these days i mostly sit. when you are gone, i wait for you to return. and when you do you hold me like a head wound so it won’t seep out. every afternoon with you is the park, and we are sitting in the sun.

Mark Bouchard is the Chicago-based writer of such horror comics as IT TOOK LUKE: Overworked and Underpaid (Oni Press), LEAF PEEPERS (Coffee Breath Press), and the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Halloween Special (IDW). They are working on a handful of other comics and a prose novella in between law school classes. Mark lives near the train with their partner, two cats, and 18 year old toy poodle, Juicebox.


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