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"My Funny Valentine"• Chet Baker (by Jedidiah Vinzon)

i will mop the bile from the marble

as the blue bleaches the blankets above

i will huddle the guts and the ribs

into my own, subsuming your skeleton

into my skin; sweetheart, we are silent:

sing for me, as your orange tongue cascades

along these cases we escaped from:

we are red and orange and black and blue

we are the rainbow the lovers chase after

we have found the end: we are the sight

the aesthetes line up for: we have painted 

our unity with the geometry of our insides

how intimate are you, my dear, as i hold

your eyes for you: look at us – aren't we

finally beautifully one?

Jedidiah Vinzon is currently studying physics at the University of Auckland. He enjoys listening to jazz, classical and K-pop, writing poems and making those two his personality. Some of works can be found in Tarot, Circular and Symposia.


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