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"Misplace" • Jane Remover (by Nicholas Maassen)

How do you know? You figure out the exact scone I will choose, width of slice I cut, half of

biscuit I split. No one else seems to notice the ingredient you add. It must be a small batch for me. I know you don’t have enough for everyone so you have to know. I taste it. Nonchalant among the rosemary cheddar, hiding behind the pumpkin and nutmeg, even present in that chai latte. You concealed its incorporation but I feel its presence. Its waves press through the chambers of my heart, threatening to burst every vessel along the way. Hurling insults at every cell. How do you go about with all this on your person? I’m glad you can take it out on me.

Nicholas Maassen is a writer, unemployed programmer, and scone enthusiast in Westland, Michigan. He is working on writing along with the whole album 'frailty' by Jane Remover which 'misplace' appears on. Twitter: @nicholasmaassen


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