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"The Golden Age of Radio" • Josh Ritter (by Oliver Kleyer)

I, too, have waited,

fingers on the "record" button,

for my current favourite song.

I, too, have scolded the DJ

when he talked too soon 

or way too long, especially

when the intro already played.

I, too, cursed when

there came "Breaking News"

right in the middle of

that long awaited song.

And somewhere,

under the bed or 

in the back of the wardrobe

I sill have some 

of these tapes, labelled

in my kid’s scrawl.

Sometimes, they did not

announce the song title

(or I just didn’t understand it)

so I invented titles like

“Sad Man’s Song” or

“Blind the Wind”. 

In those golden days

before the radio went gaga.

Oliver Kleyer is a teacher and poet from Northern Germany. He writes in German and English. His poems have appeared in The Creative Zine, dadakuku, the FromOneLine to another-anthology, and elsewhere. When not writing or teaching, he's trying to make his mandolin sing. Find him at and 


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