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"Kids" • MGMT (by Romy Ewing)

Hands and feet and all extremities I can get within my grasp,

until pink, until red—I had a thing for fainting

when I was young. If I crank up the heat

in the bath, can I save her now? Is it so unlike

a portal, a mirror? Even the most delicate goats

gnaw metal with bright eyes.

He touches my forehead and I see stars, but

not in the way that comes with the territory.

It is flickering, flaking gold, not

narrowing, no tunnel vision, and

My stomach is full, and I’m warm without

any chemical assistance.

Romy Rhoads Ewing (she/they) is a writer and photographer from Sacramento, California. Her work has been published in Open Ceilings Magazine (UC Davis; 2022, 2023) and is forthcoming in Anti-Heroin Chic, persephone’s fruit, and Genrepunk Magazine. Her debut chapbook, please stay, was published by Bottlecap Press in 2024. They received their Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Sacramento State University. She is currently studying Japanese and pursuing a second degree in Anthropology. Romy, her work, and further information can be found online at


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