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"Add It Up" • Violent Femmes (by Danielle McMahon)

I can tell you this

I wanna be sick with sleaze

Gimme that infernal manboy whine, dear bloated heart 

Gimme the jittering panic of adolescent letch

I wanna growl & bare my baby pinhead teeth

I wanna practice my O face imagined in the bathroom mirror all 

slackjawed like a B-film death scene

Pound a heavy glass of chocolate milk & dare 

to flick lit matches into the kitchen sink

Thirteen today & always latchkey

Day after day after day

Danielle McMahon is the editor of the newly minted online poetry magazine the engine(idling. Her recent work can be found, or is forthcoming, in BLEACH!, Wireworm, GenrePunk, and Lines+Stars. Instagram: @dehm000


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