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Cassette Tapes

Band TShirt Sub Call 

Ur Favorite Band Tee

It’s exactly what it fucking sounds like. Spin some shit inspired by your favorite band tee. 


I want your…


  • Hours in Hot Topic 

  • Shameless poser antics 

  • Teenaged political statements

  • Gender dys/eu-phorias 

  • Disappointed youth pastors 

  • MySpace mirror selfies

  • Crowd kills

  • I-can’t-believe-they’re-wearing-a-____-tee-on-our-first-date’s


For CNF, give me nostalgia worship. For fiction, give me absurdity. For poetry, make it hurt. Comics? Dammit, just give me some comics already. 


But, mostly just make it good. Chances are if it contains your favorite band tee, I’ll dig the hell out of it. 


So, iron that Joy Division shirt. Cut the sleeves off your bootleg Wu-Tang merch. This is about to be a fucking disaster. 


- Caleb 


Subs open: Monday, April 22


  • Please send to

  • Format subject line "TSHIRT - Song Title - Band"

  • 750 words max for prose, poets just keep it crispy (idk like three? five if they’re really tiny?), follow your truth on comics. 

Open to: Anyone (even if M7 pubbed you recently)

Subs close: Sunday, May 12

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